Triple Action Hair Therapy Shampoo for Men


Pilaris Laboratories, LLC was originated in January of 2011 by Dermatologists Steven D. Shapiro M.D. and Michael T. Borenstein M.D.Ph.D. after 5 years of previous work on topical DHT (dihidrotestosterone) blockers. They used their background in Clinical Dermatology and patient experience to explore pathways to improving hair. Dr. Shapiro brought 20 years of clinical experience in hair loss and previous hair transplant procedure knowledge to Pilaris Laboratories. Dr. Borenstein brought an intensive scientific background with his PhD in Pharmacology and years of clinical Dermatological experience. Together they have formulated Pilaris Max Shampoo with three potent naturally occurring DHT blockers in an innovative sulfate free base to be safe and effective in improving hair. Only the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients have been used making this a high quality but cost effective shampoo.